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Cowfish Blog

Home of the Monkey Lord

Billy Abbott
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The Reverend Christopher (Billy) Jan Abbott MEng(Hons) ACGI MBCS CITP CEng.

I like monkeys and pies. Not "pie" as an abstract concept, but concrete pies. But not concrete pies.

From the Great Livejournal Pie-Off #1:
Best Rookie: billyabbott
Best Pie, Sweet: billyabbott's Cherry and Raspberry
The Steve Irwin/Nikola Tesla Prize for Pie Innovation - billyabbott's Breakfast Pie

From the Great Livejournal Pie and Bake-off #2:
Best Pie (and hoster of the next pie-off): billyabbott's Chicken, Chorizo and Red Pepper Pie

From the Great Livejournal Pie-off 3 - Pie Hard with a Vengeance:
Best Pastry: billyabbott's Pork Pie
The Isembard Kingdom Brunel Award for Structural Integrity: billyabbott's Pork Pie

From the Great Livejournal Pie-off 4 - Carpe Crustorum:
Best Cake: billyabbott's Lemon Cake née Loaf

From The LJ Pie-off V: The Mmm Pie Strikes Back:
The Isambard Kingdom Brunel award for Pie Engineering: BillyAbbott's Modern Rabbit Pie
Most Heartwarmingly Honest to Goodness, Traditional Pie: BillyAbbott's Modern Rabbit Pie

Fomr The LJ Pie Off VI: More Than Meets The Pie
The Steve Irwin/Nikola Tesla Prize for Pie Innovation: BillyAbbott's Rod Hull Pie (Real)
The Optimus Prime Transformation Pie: BillyAbbott's Rod Hull Pie (Real)

I take photos. Lots of photos. You can see them on my flickr photo stream -> http://www.flickr.com/photos/cowfish

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I am currently crossposting to this blog from cowfish.org.uk, because I wanted to tinker with a "real" blog, but it's probably easiest to ignore it. Everyone else does.

For the pure google juice of it, here's a link to my brother's music page - Tim Abbott. He's annoyingly good.