December 14th, 2005


Thermonuclear war?

Launch 2 People say that me and the boys in the office sometimes don't remain chained to our keyboards. Je dispute!.

The device to the left is our latest lunchtime experiment - the remote controlled rocket launcher. The combination of an M&S USB controlled rocket launcher, an IBM Thinkpad webcam, some stickytape, Yahoo! Messenger and MS Application sharing meant that our currently exiled cow-orker Dave was able to participate in normal office life. Viewing my webcam and using the missile launcher control app over the application sharing connection he was able to happily target and shoot his minions while stuck in the USA waiting to go through his "Transitions" training class (all about managing, not about how to handle the reactions of others after a successful sex-change operation). Davina returns later this week.

Unfortunately M&S no longer have any rocket launchers left. Whether this is due to the flocking of UK based boingboing readers, the abuse of their 3 for 2 offer or the realisation that they were selling a potential weapon of mass destruction is unclear, but this means that this rocket launcher is very much in limbo - it is very cool, but is meant to go to someone for christmas. It will hurt to part with it, but I am vastly too lazy to think of another gift this late in the day. And it would be me who got shot remotely.