December 13th, 2005


Space Cadets...

I am quite outrageously interested in the new "reality" tv program space cadets, but mainly because it seems to be focusing on the illusion rather than the people. Each episode seems to be about how they are fooling people rather than the normal pap of the interaction of bunch of people you don't know. Also, we have no influence over the program - there are no phone lines and most of it was pre-recorded.

However a worrying doubt has entered my mind after discussing things with a like-minded cow-orker this morning - maybe it's us who are being fooled.

What if they're all in on it? What if they aren't really as gullible as they are making out and have spent the entire time faking it to fool us instead. I was originally made to consider this by an advert during the program - the "Do something amazing, Give Blood" adverts with the "famous" people patting someone on the shoulder who gave blood to them or theirs. In that advert Gordon Ramsay pats a large haired gentlemen on the shoulder - a large haired gentlemen who we now know is a "Scottish Electrician". If at the end of the show, at the moment when there's a big reveal and they step out to do a space walk only to discover that they're in a disused aircraft hangar, how great would it be if they flipped their visors and high-fived the sfx crew before flicking the tv camera the bird.

"I'm not really Kerry, a giggly media student from London, I'm really Albert Einstein's Great-great-granddaughter and a shuttle engineer."

A TV program which at the end makes sure that we, the unwashed, know that while we were laughing at the "real-life" antics of people on screen, they were really sniggering behind their hands at us. Even better would be if the official actors didn't know and that the others have been fed their constant appraisals leading to a fun feedback loop where they reenforce their annoying behaviours to destroy the actors a little more each day.

I so very hope that it is us that are dupes. And just think, if I'm right I can laugh at you all with the cadets, proving yet again that I am better than you all.

Random thought for the day

I accidentally just went to the wikipedia page for my birthday and discovered the following things:

* The telephone was patented
* Stanley Kubrick died then
* Rachel Weisz is 7 years older than me
* Rik Mayall is 20 years older than me

Rik Mayall. That has worryingly made my day and perhaps my week.

Also, in true Private Eye Style: