December 12th, 2005


Tis the season to be hungover

Party Food

First christmas party done and dusted, 3 more and then I'm home free. Literally (if you take the non-literal meaning of literally. Or something), as that's when my yearly trek to Sussex and Somerset within a week commences - although I'm still not sure why First Great Western have decided that the week after christmas is the best time to stop all trains between Castle Cary and Taunton, forcing me on to a bus for the last hour of my journey. Bastardos.

Anyway, a link for any goths out there: - goth clubs are dark, goths wear black, you may need some assistance.

I've just realised that my mp3 player is stuck on repeat and that I've been listening to this track for about an hour - it's good, but maybe not that good.
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