December 9th, 2005


Friday afternoons - Should they be optional?

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Which of the following words are correct in the sentence "XXXXXXX my brains"


Friday afternoons - should they be optional?


The answer to part 1 according to Random House - linky

I went to hire a suit just before lunch, ready for my fancy dress office party next week (some might say that as the dress code for those who don't want to go as a famous person is black tie, my going as "Peter Jackson going to the Oscars" is not reallly getting into the spirit of things) along with a newly joined cow-orker who is of significantly smaller stature to my svelte self. On being asked for our waist sizes he piped up with a '34 to 36 inches please', received a pair of trousers from the rack and wandered off to try them on. I quoted a much more honest 42 and was rewarded by the trouser-lord (well, suit shop guy who has sorted me out with a dinner jacket at this time for the last 5 years) having to disappear into a back room to find the tent-like items. However, the guy behind me in the queue gave me a cheery grin and congratulated me. "Well done, that's a blokes size. None of this 34-36 rubbish - what he means is that he wants to be 34 but realises he's 36." The gentlemen in question needed a 40" waist pair of trousers, so he's obviously not as manly as me, despite what my quiche eating may suggest, but he was a nice diversion while I awaited the sometimes needed grope of my inside leg that so many people who make me try on clothes seem to think I need.