November 28th, 2005


Brain Dump

If the leafletting guys outside of the gym doesn't hand me a leaflet, is this a victory for my "hating leafletting" campaign or a slight against me as someone who wouldn't want to join the gym? Even if the slight is not really a slight but the truth?

Amazon has just recommended me Atlas Shrugged. This could be the end of my ongoing promise to read it which has basically been an avoidance technique. easterbunny you have won. Again.

Amazon has also recommended me a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker, seemingly because I recently rated Little Britain season 2 as "I Liked It". I mourn us all.

Annoyingly they won't recommend anything from their Garden & Outdoors section - I was so hoping to be advised to buy a Black and Decker Workmate based on my recent rating of Men Behaving Badly as 4/5 or a Trowel and Fork set based on my lack of interest in the Best of Take That cd that I was recommended earlier.

eAlert from the City of London Police

This was forwarded on to us this morning at work.

There have been a number of recent incidents of a male approaching members of the public offering to sell them cigarettes at discounted prices. The money is handed over and the male then leaves on the pretext of returning with the cigarettes, but is never seen again! This male is a convincing con-man, and has a likeable and amiable persona. He is very distinctive looking and has been described as an 'Uncle Albert' look-alike. He is 65-70, approx 5'0'' tall, chubby, with white hair and beard.

Please be aware that this male will be approaching people in the run up to Xmas, and also consider that the purchase of discounted goods could be perceived as an offence against Customs & Excise.

Who said that the police don't have a sense of humour? Well, that or an ability to release sensible news in a non-amusing manner.