November 23rd, 2005


Spam of the Day #39

Subject: Chad Special offr

Good afternoon,

You're an estimable buyer and we afford you some data and updates.

On the strength of jottings we have, it is obvious that you may demand
an extra copy.

We make a thousand and one excuses for troubling you. Our products at low
cost are ready-for-service and our highly qualified staff will give support
to you.

It is great opportunity to save money and time.
Please browse the URL listed below to see our special offer:

<Random subdomainy link>

Best Regards,
Catherine Smartt
                Customer Service

This got past all of company spam filters and appeared in my inbox unadulterated. Well done those people.
Why is it only spammers that tell me that I am estimable? Does that mean that they can guess me? It is now my new favourite word, beating even demonstrable.

And best From and To line from another mail that just arrived:

From: Sandpaper H. Accelerate <>
To: A <>

I may have to set up that email as valid....