November 16th, 2005


Jon Stewart in London

According to Jon Stewart of Daily Show fame is coming to London to promote his new book, and will be doing two live shows on December 11th. See the link for details - tickets are going fast it seems.

Update: According to the nice man on the end of the phone the tickets are not flying off the shelves, but they haven't started to advertise it yet. I have a seat in row E and he said that if you want to get nice close seats (and not ones in the upper circle [seating chart]) then book soon as they expect it to start selling faster next week.

Update 2: Referring to Jon Stewart as "John Edward" accidentally while explaining the Daily Show premise to a cow-orker has now made me feel unclean to a high level. For the record, John Edward needs to be beaten with a stick. A large stick. Wielded by people who he has "channeled" (or whatever he calls it) for.

Is there anyone here with an A in their name? An E? Yes, you sir. Do you have any relatives who are no longer with us...a great grandfather perhaps...was he called err...errr....what was that?...err....Harry? YES! There is a Harry here for you. He says that you are doing well and that you should definately put a few coins in the "John Edward Charitable John Edward Benefit Fund to Benefit Me, John Edward" collection box outside. Did I say coins? I mean notes. Or checks. We take cards, just ask at the cash desk, $10 processing fee.