November 7th, 2005


Misunderstood Musical Instruments #27 - The Guiro

Many musical instruments are misunderstood and laughed at in our often prudish society - the gourd based Guiro is but one of those.

Here, Martha demonstrates the use of the Guiro:

The guiro is also often combined with the "half coconut" to provide a larger number of possible sounds:

Please visit Lawton Percussion for all of your gourd based musical needs. Please pay special attention to the scrolling display on the left - it provides a unique incite into the denigration of this oft overlooked instrument.

This post has been brought to you by The Steves and the wonder of Monday morning research.

I Love the Spam

Most ineffective spam subject of the day:

"Xanax - get it here plagiarist"

Firstly, putting the name of the product you are trying to spam people with in the subject line is so last year. These days you try to tempt the unwary reader into opening the email by putting an enticing but lie laden topic:

"Order Status"
"Information Request"
"I just got a new webcam and my clothes keep flying off! LOL!!1!"

Secondly, the use of the word "plagiarist" seems to entirely misunderstand the way that the human psyche works, as well as not really getting the whole "plain words to confuse the spam trap" thing. On being confronted with a blatant spam that accuses you of plagiarising an unspecified item, what do you do? I suspect that a synonym for "delete" is coming to the front of your mind.

The mail itself is written in a polite way suggesting that the recipient of the mail is a former customer and that their records suggest you need some more pills, but only a dedicated reader of spam, such as myself, would get that far.

Unless they are exploiting an even deeper understanding of the human mind - when insulted by a stranger, maybe the first reaction is open the mail ready to beat down upon their unknowing head, loading the hidden images and marking your mail address as real...

However, I did like the random word collection at the end, it has a strange kind of poetry:

barnyard you suffuse me, governess infinity . sonoma you fireman me, cove
sacrifice . witch you nouveau me, barbecue asinine feb .
pliny you convergent me, riven abyssinia cornell dame . actinium you
milkweed me, bremen darpa oily ensemble . ursuline you dougherty me,
chantilly during y's coequal . quartic you curricular me, buses bialystok
adobe .