October 19th, 2005


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Some days it's good to be at home. The wonder that is ITV3 shows Quincy almost every morning, which I discovered just before having to run off to the dentist (I've got a fake tooth! That's really cool!). However fate was kind to me and when I turned on the TV to have some background noise to work to (that's my story) I found the same episode I was watching before just reaching the point where I'd had to run off earlier. And what an episode...

It had a mysterious death of a japanese film star, a defection by the normally loyal Sam, Sam's replacement by a woman who can't make coffee, ninjas, dimac (really), Sam's sensei vibrating bricks into tiny pieces (with dimac), overly stereotypical Japanese characters and ninjas. Did I mention that there were ninjas?

And they follow that with Chicago Hope (go Mandy Patinken!), guest starring Rene Auberjonois as a heavily tourettes afflicted paediatric surgeon, a guy claiming that the brain he has in a jar is Einstein's and a woman trying to get a breast enlargement to an E cup to complete her dream of looking like Barbie (who she is convinced is a real person. Estimated measurements if she was scaled to real life 39-23-32. Barbie that is, not the woman. She was real life size already).

Daytime TV rocks.

Edit: Mandy Patinken was wandering around without trousers on. When asked why he answered with "Because this is my hospital and my pants are very loud." This is potentially the most surreal thing I have heard in ages. Daytime TV still rocks.