October 5th, 2005


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The London Film Festival has just opened its booking for people on their mailing list. Like me.
Anyway, I'm going to book tickets to see the following tomorrow at about lunchtime. Let me know if you'd like me to pick you up a ticket as well:

* Manderlay - Odeon West End - £10 - Sunday 23rd October, 1800
* Takeshis' - Odeon West End - £10 - Tuesday 25th October, 2030
* Walk The Line - Odeon West End - £10 - Sunday 30th October, 1230
* Mirrormask - Odeon West End - £10 - Sunday 30th October, 1600
* The Brothers Grimm - Odeon West End - £10 - Monday 31st October, 2000

(Edit: Changed the Brothers Grimm from a Wednesday afternoon showing to the much more sensible Monday night)

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I just watched Blade Trinity. It's strange that as my love for film returns after a few months absence, I end up watching trash with Wesley Snipes in. Ho hum. It was not all that bad, and didn't have the bendy fake people of Blade 2 (it's worrying that I keep typing Blade as Balde, although in this film young Wesley does have a lot less hair. By design I'm sure).

However Jessica Biel's character, the girl with bow, arrows and figure, listens to her blatantly positioned iPod while she "hunts". Firstly this behaviour strikes me as singularly stupid for someone engaged in mortal combat (no K), as it would remove a large amount of one's subconcious awareness of the surroundings. But most of all it worries me as even though she has enough cash to get a laser bow thing, as well as a "normal" bow with sights and pulleys and stuff, a bunch of silver bullets and a big old magnum, she didn't think to spend a few quid on a new better set of headphones than the default iPod crappy white ones.

And I recognised Triple H. He's getting a bit fat these days...I wonder if Stephanie is feeding him right...