September 21st, 2005


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There's nothing like a bit of schandenfreude to set you up for work on a Wednesday morning, especially when the victim is a small child.

I live near a bunch of schools and if I leave for work any later than 7.30 of the AM then I have to wade my way through a hordelike throng of annoying children of various sizes, who seem to delight in walking with their faces and line of motion at least perpendicular to each other, if not entirely backwards. This leads to the wading motion, where I must step over small running children and dodge the larger pre-teens with full beards and knuckles that drag perilously close the the ground.

So, today I left at about 8am (having been captured by both my banjo and my "new" GameGear and my latest game purchase - Columns (picked up for the princely sum of £1 (one) at the Notting Hill Computer Games Exchange shop yesterday)) and realising that the battery had run out in my trusty mp3 player braced myself for the scrum of yoof without the luxury of listening to loud death laden music.  The crowding starts round the corner from my house and continues to the door of the tube station, although the yoof get older closer I get to the tube station, until I hit the station and I am a member of the yoof in question. The barrage was light today, but still present, and died down a bit around the bus stop, which was occupied by a bus. As I drew closer the bus' doors shut and the driver prepared to pull away, at which point I heard the pattering of tiny feet behind me as a tiny child ran full tilt at the bus waving his arms for it to stop. Seeing that the bus driver had ignored him he jumped into the road and continued his progress right in the bus' desired line of travel. The driver, not wanting to clean the underside of his bus in the event of running the offender over, stopped and started to stare out the kid. He skidded to a halt at the bus door and the driver then quickly pulled away, grinning manically to himself, leaving a disgruntled child in no doubt of how the world really is.

I laughed out loud.
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