September 9th, 2005


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I found some things on BoingBoing. One of which annoyed me...

* iTunes Phone sucks more than people thought. Film at 11.
* For nou and any of you other crazy knitters out there -scary knitted things

And finally, a BoingBoing post itself that annoyed me - Lego(s)...
And based on that a poll:

Poll #567131 Lego(s)?

How do you refer to the individual bricks that Lego make?

Lego Bricks
Lego (something else)
Something else entirely
I just put them up my nose. I like the green ones.

From now on I shall refer to BoingBoing as BoingDeBoing and see how he likes it.

Update: more lego stuff on AdRant. It's mainly dissolved into an anti-us barrage in the comments (as it so often does), but the point that is important there is that LEGO (note the caps) don't want to be the next hoover of kleenex (note the lack of caps). And as demonstrated by the poll answers as I write this, it is a US-RestOfWorld divide in the naming (2 non-US say Lego Bricks, 1 US says Legos, 1 US random who seems to just like answering polls says "I like to stick them up my nose").

I thought the message on the LEGO (meh. lego) site was rather polite...