September 7th, 2005


Sunday or Monday - the eternal question...answered?

As follow up to my last post, it seems that most of you good people agree with me that Monday is the first day of the week.
However, in the US it seems that Sunday is officially the first day and in mainland Europe Monday is.

As ever we of the UK are in between and don't really know.

I've read many justifications for either on teh internets and it basically says that Saturday is the sabbath from old school christianity and judaism, and that it's only in this new and slack world with its 2 days off per week that this confusion arises. If we only had one day off then there would be no argument. And less professional sport.

I especially liked this page that Steve (who reckons Sunday is the first day) found while trying to prove me wrong: - however, it never defines the term in question...
Wikipedia helps clear matters up of course, by telling us that ISO8601 defines Monday as the first day of the week.

Monday is the first day of the working week though, so I say to all you "Sundayers" that you are slack and have no work ethic. I however am the master of working efficiency, all praise me and raise temples in my honour. But not on a Sunday.

(also, Dilbert is a lovely source of lovely icons)