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August 29th, 2005

12:12 am
The Great LJ Pie and Bake-Off

So, pie-off mark 2 has happened and I am now digesting a potential surfeit of pastry-based goodness.

Look away now if you don't want to know the result...Collapse )

So, the current plan is that to try and maintain the semi-annual schedule for the pie-offs, the next one (hosted somewhere by me) will be in January or February some time. Mark both months off in your calendars now...more details soon. Or at least sometime before January. Or February.

Chicken, Chorizo and Red Pepper Pie
Teh W1nnZ0R

04:30 pm

Firstly the use of the word "yiffing" should be banned in CSI.

Secondly I am in work today doing holiday cover, which leaves me a day in an almost empty office to get on with some work.
I went for a wander at lunchtime and apart from the guy who didn't like me taking a photo of the Deutsche Bank building it was all rather uneventful, which in itself is a very weird thing. I've been around town on holidays before, but it was even more empty than normal today.

Moorgate Panorama