August 25th, 2005


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i'm on the train!

0528 left Amersham
0537 chalfont and latimer. i have been informed that we are running two minutes ahead of schedule.
0542 arrived chesham, left 0557

0628 left moor park for Watford
waved at driver, got told to keep quiet by the station guy

0634 first missed connection at watford. mass distress. oh dear.

0635 arrive watford, left 0643

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so far i have at least one photo of every station, but as we are 1.5 hours and 8 stations in, this isn't that impressive. 266 to go...

0715 arrived at west harrow after a walk from north harrow. almost lost people, but the driver held the train for us.what a nice man.

Missed my first photo at harrow on the hill. arse.

0730 arrived at kenton after walk from northwick park.

0740 start of first long stretch - the whole bakerloo. elephant & castle by 0840...

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0800 20 stations done. approaching kensal green.

0904 blackfriars, number 48

bats up for 50 one leg for 111

0914 aldgate broken ticket and then a wander to aldgate east. 4 minutes behind after 4 hours.

0929 arrive at stepey green and then over the platfrm and back to whitechapel

0936 shoreditch - first random closing station done. still on time.

0947 wapping great shaft

1006 left new cross after a walk from new cross gate. jubilee then the joys of the essex end of the central. Missed a photo of new cross. arse again.

1030 nothing happened at canada water, we just eent to bermondsey and didn't almost get on a train going the other way. no. not us.

why do jubilee line trains scream?

1050 on the hainault loop...time for a sit down and some food. i have packed too dense snacks...must get others to help eat them.

1100 gants hill has a really rocking platform clock with lu roundels instead if numbers.

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1145 wc stop at woodford, even if lu deny that there is a toilet there.

1200 there's a bog here too! lying gits mr lu.

1225 so slow...stuck in the middle of nowhere and about 25 minutes behind schedule

1227 signal failure at stratford. now fixed it seems

1240 leyton - bus to walthamstow, then the victoria line for a bit.

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it seems virgin radio want to interview s when we get to euston...eta 1330

1252 arse wrong goes to walthamstow, but not quite as fast as we hoped. looks like we may have to miss out a couple of stations (olympia and maybe mill hill east). we shall see.

1255 we just saw the bus that we narrowly missed at lyton. it seems that the 58 is better than we thought. still 35 minutes behind

1312 leaving walthamstow in richtung Brixton.

1352 after a quick stop in at euston to see the support team and a quick double back to goodge street we are now on our way to edgware. however we are 71 minutes overdue...this is within tolerance but still close to the line. mill hill east is looking doubtful. the delays on the central line that added all the time have now got worse, so we may well not be the only ones running late.

1403 chalk farm - station 100

1411 heath street aka hampstead - deepest on the nortern line?

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1444 red billy needs curry. badly.
i can smell curry. canon's park is taunting me. quick doubleback to stanmore needed, but even though a serendipitous bus cut 20 minutes off our time, leaving us less about an hour off, but a slow day on the jub line my foil us.
1446 woo train!

1455 quick turnaround means 68 minutes behid. now jubilee to baker street.

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1505 wembley park #103

1526 baker street jubilee to eastbound circle - surprisingly there's no circle line trains on the board. mill hill east is no longer on the list. olympia may go away soon

1555 old street randomly closed. which means we probably gain an extra minute. which is nice

1602 kings x again #132, only once more and we will have been on every line and branch that passes through. now to high barnet (mill hill east? where's that?). then a bus to oakwood and some piccadilly line fun.

1644 on a bus thinking that every building i see is oakwood station. luckily someone knows it it looks like.

also have a search for annie mole's website, there's at least one photo of me and my team there.