August 22nd, 2005


(no subject)

So, it seems that I will be doing the Tube Relief Challenge this week...

Basically, I will be visiting all the open tube stations (a number that I have heard vary from 242 to 275) on the underground (although I won't be getting out at each one) within a day.
This will take from about 5.30am to about 1.30am and will involve me walking about 10km to get between stations (depending on what random route I end up with).

Oh yeah, it's also for charity.

So, if you feel like sponsoring me, please visit and chuck a few quid in the pot. I'm doing it for my own selfish sense of aggrandisement rather than for the charity, so I won't hate you if you don't sponsor me, but it would be nice to have some reason other than INSANITY to get to Amersham for 5.30am.

I will be attempting to setup all these mobile communcation devices that the kids seem to be talking about and so should have things appearing up here and also on, but as my tech-fu is often flawed, expect little. for more info.