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July 19th, 2005

10:43 am

I like flickr. Random and interesting photos appear from my contacts, or as I will now refer to them "informants".
This is the scene in Shoreditch High Street this morning:

Now that's something that doesn't happen on its own.

Pics by Armcurl

11:27 pm

Through the mysterious vaguaries of flickr, I have just stumbled across this gentlemen - buildingcrusher.

"I'm a guy who has the unusual fetish of crushing miniature buildings and pretending I'm a giant. Specifically, I love to crush miniature buildings (represented by various cardboard or plastic boxes..I have a good imagination) by SITTING on them while wearing reasonably tight jeans."

Buildingcrusher, if you read this, well done there. This is potentially the most surreally great thing I have seen in days.