July 17th, 2005


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Firstly, I have discovered a new type of Ben and Jerry's ice cream - I'm not normally a big person for desserts, but after a couple of hours sitting in the pub supping a few light ales a strange urge came over me, and I stuck my head in the freezer cabinet, more for the purposes of discovering ice cream than cooling (although the cooling was much appreciated). It is called "Fossil Fuel" and is described on the lid as "Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Chocolate Cookie Pieces, Chocolatey Dinosaurs & a Swirl of Chocolate Fudge". It's not what I would normally go for, but there are chocolatey dinosaurs, and at the time the prospect of trumping Tony Robinson's mere centuries old excavating with a bit of super-bearded fossil hunting called to me. Even if they are chocolate dinosaurs, buried at most at depth of 4 inches below some ice cream, probably placed there several weeks ago.

So, anyway, apart from beating Tony Robinson at his own game, I have also been Cultural(tm) and visited the Coin Street Greek Fest down on the Southbanks. Obligatory picture link. There were kebabs, reedy instruments, men in large red hats, a belly dancer who I wouldn't want to be up against in a fight, a mayor, more men in red hats, kebabs, very small medicinal tasting coffee, more kebabs, large bearded keyboard players, the southwark mafia and a variety of stall-owners who were quite obviously not greek in any way shape or form selling a variety of tat (I now have a lanyard with "ENGLAND" on it in big letters...it had a loopy thing to attach my MP3 player to...and a boxing glove keyring...I feel dirty).

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Next month it looks like the Flickr London Meetup Group will be doing something out west, probably involving Richmond. Probably involving more pubs than photographs, as the ratio is slowly but surely moving in that direction each time we meet.
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Thursday at the GBBF this year (4th August) is Hat Day.
This is a lovely thing. I must look for more hats.
I don't think that the sort of hat that I will be looking for is the same as that of the Hat Day judges, but I need little excuse to look for hats.