July 16th, 2005


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I went to see Queen. They were rather good.

Paul Rogers has had way to much practise twirling a microphone stand. I think he should start up a school and teach it as a martial art - a cross between bojutsu and ROCK singing.

Bryan May has big hair and throws silly shapes. I also reckon that when photographed very small and blown up to large he looks like a Lemming(tm).

Brian May, King of Lemmings(tm)

Roger Taylor has a very high voice; but this isn't really news to me. He also has a big drumkit; nor is that. He rocked as well; no surprise, but pleasing. I don't know how to use semicolons, and have been putting them everywhere: a full colon would probably have been better; although that is something I never want to type again.

Razorlight where on before them and switched between being quite good and utterly shite - unfortunately the needle ended up on the wrong side of the shite line. gaspodog summed it up by pointing out that they sounded uncannily similar to Bill Bailey taking the piss, but trying to be serious.

I took some other pictures as well, and they are up here. There would be more, but:
a) I only had a little lens on my camera
b) I had accidentally been drinking Old Rosie all afternoon, and consequently preferred lying down to taking photos
c) A group of nice men (4 security guards and a man in a hat) wandered up to me and told me to stop taking pictures because my camera counted as professional. I drunkely and belligerently argued with them, but in true spineless manner put it in my bag with an unspoken promise to myself that I would take it out again when they were out of sight. I left it in my bag.

There was also an interesting addition to the normal gig food, in the appearance of a Tetley Tea stand, selling polystyrene cups of (not very good) tea, as well as cakes and a full cream tea. This struck me as a wonderful epitomisation of the stereotype of England, so I bought a "cup" and found that neither of the 2 girls on the stand spoke a lot of English. Which I found to be an amusing irony of sorts. The tea still pretty much sucked.

Tomorrow I'm off to the Coin Street Turkish festival near Waterloo, to meet up with the London Flickr Meetup Group - if you are interested in coming along have a look at this thread for details (meeting at 3pm on the South Bank). There may be a motion towards free music outside the NFT at around 6ish.

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I just thought.

What the hell was all that random walkway and flashy power stuff doing under Theed Palace in The Phantom Menace? The place where the good guys fight Darth Maul? If it was on a Death Star of course, then it would all make sense.