July 11th, 2005


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I had an interesting thign in which I did stuff.
Saturday - not sure. I think I played my banjo until I realised that I would be pissing off my neigbours. I then realised they'd all gone away for the weekend and played some more. I can now almost play Amazing Grace, which seems to be the "My First Tune" on many US $stringed_instrument teaching websites. I think I need a clone of me so that I can have transplant fingernails - well one fingernail anyway, there seems to be rather a lot of attrition to my middle finger nail on my right hand, used for making "plunk" noises; as banjo playing seems to involve a lot of "plunk" noises it gets used quite a lot. A clone would also be useful as an antiburglary device - I could get him to sit in front of the window in my play-room, in a similar manner to the bust that Holmes placed in the window of 221B in The Adventure of the Empty House (thankyou internets), and keep away the ruffians that sometimes visit hallowed Ealing from the wretched hive that is Southoftheriver. Depending on his levels of language skills he could also shout at telemarketers, which is at least fun and could provide my clone with at least a partly rewarding life...well, as rewarding as a life entirely fabricated to benefit me could be.

Edit: I just had another go on my banjo, and realised that actually I've been playing "Auld Lang Syne". This explains why the beginning seemed to be going weird, as I was trying to play the rhythm of Amazing Grace with the notes of Auld Lang Syne. Amazing Grace is stll the default tune on the websites, I just clicked on the wrong link. It's official - I am foolish, and it is surprising that I don't need help putting on my trousers in the morning.

Sunday - I walked lots. I seem to do that a lot at the moment, which is nice. I had a wander down to a pondy thing down the road, for to take pictures of wildlife. However, the wildlife was too far away apart from pigeons and squirrels.

pigeon speedy

I also went to see the canal again, because now that I've found it I need to visit as often as possible to make sure I don't lose it again.

Anyways, in the afternoon was the end of the VE/VJ (having missed the VJ off my initial titling of things in flickr I received a sternly worded email from my step-dad reminding me that VE wasn't the end of it) celebrations down on The Mall. I managed to see the RAF as they did a fly past in three rather speedy jets, but then got bored and wandered off for a few moments. When I returned I discovered that the Queen (does she get a capital letter? I can never work it out...and if she does, does the 'the' get one? I'll just make it up like normal and risk being attacked by militant evangelical royalists who think I am demeaning their sovereign in a deliberate fashion) had pootled past where I'd been minutes earlier, standing in the back of a truck, Prince Phillip to one side, happily waving at the crowd. Yet again another chance for The queen to notice me and take me under her wing as her bearded banjo playing protege has passed the nation by. And all for the sake of a can of Tango.

Then we got the real flyover - a bunch of WW2 planes (and maybe earlier - there were some bi-planes involved) culminating with a drop of 1 million poppies out of the back of a Lancaster Bomber. Which was nice.

IMGP3074 IMGP3079

Although it does seem that due to the wind none of the poppies actually made it to a groundfall on The Mall, with Vauxhall and Hyde Park being two named recipients of the flowery goodness. The question that was asked most about the poppies seemed to be "are they real ones, or left over ones from Poppy Day?".

Best quote of the day:
Child: Mum, Mum, there ain't no more planes coming. There ain't no more
Mother: $child! Don't say ain't!
Child: There are not no more planes coming!

I seem to have used a semi-colon. This could be the beginning of the end.

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My 2 quotes of the day so far:

1) From Diesel Sweeties - "The sun doesn't care about  you. The sun is just a nuclear weapon that hasn't finished killing us yet."
2) From some randoms in a lift - "I thought we had some sharp people there, but it was just relative."

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Today I unfortunately discovered that some books had come out in paperback. This may be of some interest to people who, like me, wait for the papperbøk version of things they want:
1) Iain Banks - The Algebraist
2) Robert Rankin - Knees Up Mother Earth

I also grabbed "Attention All Shipping", a travel book (not looking good yet) about the areas detailed in the shipping forecast (and it comes back to win at the end of the description). That combined with a book written by Roger Deakins, famous cinematographer,  called "Waterlog", a travel diary describing bodies of water in the UK, should keep me going for travel novels until the end of time.