July 7th, 2005


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I got thrown off the tube at Earl's Court at 9.30am and walked (stupidly) into the city. Didn't realise quite what was going on until I reached the wrong side of Hyde Park, and by the time I did realise work was significantly closer than home. I have some jumpers to use as pillows and the floors not that uncomfortable. It only took 2 hours to walk this far, so should only be 5 hours back home...

Now I have to organise people who are coming in to work tomorrow for their first day before disappearing off to the US on Saturday.

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And now I have walked home. Well, not quite...from the City to Paddington though.
Overall my walking for the day has been estimated at about 11 miles.

In addition, I have organised my new hires despite the adversity of buggered up mail.
The mail may have been broken, but one item did arrive today...

I'm a Redneck

However, in a most annoying turn of events, I had to carry laptops home to present to my new hires when I see them before they get on a plane...and didn't have enough space on my heavily laden body to attach a boxed and padded banjo. No strumming for Billy this weekend, although I already feel my neck starting to glow.

Now to await chinese food an make icons out of a banjo.
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