July 2nd, 2005


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Uncle Billy's TV Quote of the day - From the Daniel Jackson on the CSI:NY team, after chasing a crim and jumping to grab him as he tried to climb a chain-link fence (something that seems to be very simple in TV/Film land, but almost impossible in the real world. I know I am not of a fence climbing build, and was not even as a child, but even so, I remember more appropriately constructed friends of mine falling to certain DOOM! [well, maybe a grazed hand] when I was younger):

"There's only one thing I hate more than running, and that's leaping"

I think it was better without the pre-amble.

In other news, "Return the The Batcave: The Misadventures of Adam and Burt" is my favourite film of recent time. Well, since I saw "Kung Fu Hustle" last Monday anyway. And the new Batman rocked as well, but not enough to stop me wishing that they'd hurry up and release Adam and Burt's opus on DVD. It's only 120 episodes...