June 27th, 2005


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This morning I was yet again reminded why I don't read the Metro. I was looking over someone's shoulder while considering my book and noticed a headline saying "Sick Nurses cost NHS £470m" or something similar. So I, foolishly, had a quick scan to see how these sick nurses were costing the NHS all this money - it's due to the number of days off they have.

Okay, says I.

It seems that nurses have more days off per year than other public service employess.

Okay, says I.

The people asked about this in the article said that reasons behind this spike were unknown, and that they were focusing on reducing the levels of sickness in the NHS. They suspect it is due to the stress of the job and long hours.


Nurses are sick more often because a) they work around sick people and b) they aren't allowed to go into work if they're a bit sick, as they will make others ill (and c) they skive because they get paid crap, have long hours and are stressed). This seems self evident - I'm pleased that nurses are having more sick days than other public service people, it means that they aren't going into work and spreading illness around a bunch of immunodeficient people. If the headline had the word "Shock" or "Chaos" after it, then I would not have been surprised.

The Metro infects my brain at a distance, even when I'm trying not to look at. Bastards.