June 7th, 2005


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I am currently being very impressed by this program - autostitch.
After seeing my first attempt at a panorama:

a kindly flickr user suggested I give it a try. I quite like my wonky picture, but I also like smooth panoramas so gave it a try.

I got this:


Which I think is rather good, especially as the software is freeware and got that picture by me specifiying "use all these images", "make it 500 pixels high" and then trimming the top and bottom to make them flat. It also did that using 22 3000pixel wide images in about a minute. Much impressive.

Now I need to dust off my old panoramic image viewing java applet...or more probably write a new one, as my pc has crashed and lost my old code several times in the 7 years since I wrote it...

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In my normal way of having short bursts of interest, I did some searching and after some advice from elvum found PanoTools and put up a page with my autostitched panorama in a java viewer - it's much more effective than my little one was, and does some transformation to make the image rotate correctly. I need to do some manipulation to my panorama when I get home to make the motion seem more natural, but it's quite cool so far.

PanoTools and the sourceforge project now that the older page has some broken links.

If anyone has played with PTView and got it to play nicely with fields of view and flat images please let me know, as it's all a little confusing to me at the moment.