May 23rd, 2005


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I have no internet at home. My life is a hollow shell devoid of meanings and surrounded by an addiction to Sudoku puzzles. I think I'm getting bored of the minesweeper-esque generator program that I am using atm, so this could be an addiction I beat soon.


This amused me. However, that's probably because I'm several thousand miles from Baltimore:

I wandered around town again with the London Flickr Group - there's a whole rather long set of pictures here.
However, these I especially liked:

Second picture contains a written Very Naughty Word, so be warned...

I also found a nice cricket pitch:

What was surprising about it, was that the "Church" in the background is the houses of parliament. I if had a ladder to stand on, or if the trees weren't there, then I could have got a nice picture of a cricket pitch, with the London Eye, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben in the background. But I didn't have one, so I don't. Never mind.

I saw Star Wars 3, it was good. I also saw Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, and Once Upon a Time in the West. They were also good. I saw Dr Who, which was good, and had especially good things to say about the campness of red.

Now I go to try and get adsl again. My need is strong.

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And it seems that I am published again:

Although, it is the same picture as last time it is now on what seems to be a larger website.
Give it time. Soon I will be licensing this single photo for thousands of pounds at a time. I WILL RULE!
Until then I will continue with this programming lark.

I should really get in contact with the Saatchis and ask for a commission...