May 16th, 2005


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Today I did my bit as a fanboy and went and stood in the rain for about 4 hours to soak up the atmosphere (and moisture) in Leicester Square for what Fox are calling the "Star Wars Celebration Day". What this meant was:

a) Storm Troopers, about 5 or 6 of them. Plus Boba Fett and a Tie Fighter pilot. They stood outside various cinemas during the day and let random french tourists hug them as well as pointing their guns at kneeling people when asked. They had mics in the helmets and every time they spoke there was a "Krsssh" noise, followed by a voice coming from a speaker somewhere on their helmets. Which was cool. I wish I'd remembered my lovely work-branded umbrella - I'm sure one of them would have hidden under it while I took a photo.

b) A very crap 2/3rds (I'd guess) scale X-Wing. It had a smoke machine hidden under it, and it smoked. This was about as far as it got towards being a good thing.

c) The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra playing the Star Wars score on stage on the park in the middle of Leicester Square. They're rather good, don't you know, and the sound guys did a pretty good job, leading to fantastic renditions of the score floating all around the square.

d) A variety of cast members being interviewed by Richard Bacon (who, it seems, either doesn't need coke to be as hyperactive as a 6 year old in a sugar factory or found a flat surface before he started). First up (well, first I saw...I assume first) was Jeremy Bulloch, who played the original Boba Fett. He seemed to be a very nice man, but otherwise rather unmemorable. Then was Christopher "God" Lee - who was missing at the start of the interview causing Mr Bacon to frantically attempt to fill the gap with random banter. Luckily he turned up just as Bacon was running out of things to say - "err... and he's a really nice man as well. He can talk a fair bit. I hear that he can talk for 15 minutes simply if you say hello to him...oh and here he is!". He rumbles, talks slowly and say many good things. He rocks. He also let on that he will be performing at the Earthshaker festival in Germany...with Rhapsody and Manowar (replacing bits originally done by Orson Welles) - Linky to article - this could rock a lot. A cheer was led for The Wicker Man by Richard Bacon after he burst out with a "Now THAT was a film!" in the middle of an answer about Mr "Really Rocking" Lee's musical career. Last up was Anthony Daniels, working the crowd like the convention pro that he is: C3P0 voices every time they showed a clip, practised anecdotes and a subtle "when I was in Cannes with George last night..." story. It seems that Lucas got a 10 minute standing ovation during a random showing last night...and that he loved it :)

The public viewing area for the Odeon red carpet area was already full of people by 1pm and looked as if it had been full a lot longer. That always scares me.

Some pictures can be found here:

And my favourites:

And now I rest - there is a new System of a Down and a new Weezer album to listen to.
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