May 14th, 2005


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Today I am mostly hating the people upstairs. Earlier there were small children making lots of noise - but I am okay with this, I understand the making of loud noise and played my guitar loudly, but with headphones plugged in, for a bit (adam: I may have accidentally learned Old...). This did not lead to hate. Now there is someone running. A lot. Up and down. Without stopping. The noise I don't mind, but the sensation of shaking that it is causing in this rickety building is one that cannot be ignored. Every footfall runs up my leg causing all available wobbling areas on my body to wobble. This is not how I like to spend my Saturday evenings.


With a slammed couple of doors it seems that the childrens have left, burbling down the stairs as they went. This is lucky, as I was about to wrap my self in tight clothing in an attempt to restrict all non-essential bodily movement - this would not have been a nice sight for anyone who may have wandered by.

Now I return to my cooking, I smell burning Jambalaya.