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May 13th, 2005

09:41 am

Just discovered this - http://www.geobloggers.com/
Some guys have got together and connected flickr and google maps - just stick some certain tags on your images (complete with handy-dandy greasemonkey scripts to make it easy to do so) and your images will appear on a google map where you tell them to...

I've started...this is useful for some of my piccies that are documenting parts of London, but is also just quite cool anyway :)

02:47 pm

I found a rather good music magazine today - Zero Tolerance, although as it's all about metal you probably don't care.
ANYWAY, there's a band I quite like on the cover cd and they have the most spectacularly cheesey ROCK website that I have ever seen.


Handy hint - click on the Axe's red jewel to get the menu. If that doesn't explain the cheese levels, then little will.