April 19th, 2005


Men in Pants

I'm feeling in a charitable mood and know that some people out there like doing charity walks, especially if there is underwear involved...
So, from an email that was sent around work today:

Dear All,

Apologies for the impersonal e-mail, especially when the whole point of the thing is to appeal to you as a personal contact, but we need your help for our 1st ever Men in Pants walk to raise awareness for male cancers.

The male cancer charity The Orchid Cancer Appeal is planning an awareness and fundraising event called 'Men in Pants' in the City on 17th May and this is your personal (nearly!) invitation to participate and/or encourage your office colleagues to do the same. It is supposed to be, as they say, something light-hearted but worthwhile.

The idea is for people to gather in the Guildhall Yard off Gresham Street for 1pm and walk a predesignated/marshalled circular 1 mile route within the Square Mile to raise funds for research and awareness about male cancers. While the diseases concerned (testicular/prostate etc) affect only men, the walk certainly isn't so specific and women are more than welcome! It will take about 30 minutes to walk and is OK for all levels of ability and fitness.

The attached flyer doubles up as a registration form: simply fill it in, forward it with £10 and receive entry plus a designer pair of boxer shorts (meaning we designed them!). The boxers - ideally, although it's not obligatory - are worn over trousers whilst walking, to wave the Orchid flag so to speak. For those feeling brave you are more than welcome to wear them ‘solo’.

It just couldn't be easier - so please consider supporting us and get others to join in. For those who have to worry about such things it can be scored as 'corporate responsibility', 'team building', 'office bonding', 'IiP development' with a touch of 'Health and Safety' on the side. For those who don't, it should be good fun anyway! It is the 1st ever ‘Men in pants’ this May the 17th so please help us make it a national, annual event by taking part.

Any questions, give me a call/e-mail. I can provide shedloads of hard copy flyers if you would like to put them by a coffee machine, water dispenser etc - and you can look out for then in local cafes/bars around the route.

Did you know that young men (17-35) are at higher risk of testicular cancer than any other type of cancer, while 30,000 older men suffer from, and 10,000 die of, prostate cancer every single year? Well, walk over the Square Mile on the 17th May and help us to make the fight against male cancer a walk-over.

Thank you!!
On behalf of The Orchid Cancer Appeal

The application form is up here - let me know if anyone's interested as I may go along.