April 16th, 2005


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So after much procrastination and 2 attempts at finding the right thing, I now have a new fluorescent light tube for my kitchen.
First attempt involved the "nice" man (read foolish tit) in Dyas showing me a catalogue with model numbers of tubes in and then selling me a 5ft one when I asked for a 4ft one. I would have got the wrong one anyway, but a 5ft long, thin fluorescent light tube is rather an unwieldy thing to carry home during rush hour on a Friday, surrounded by the drunk bankers of the city, the drunk misfits of the west end and the soon-to be drunk westward wanderers. I know I can't tell lengths apart, and hoped the "nice" man in Dyas would help me. However in the end it took Dave holding up the light, standing next to it and then looking very aggrieved when I said "that's a 4ft tube" when he wasn't that much taller than it.

So, I returned home just now, much shopping in hand along with a 4ft tube (which I almost slammed in the door several times). The looks you get when walking around Wickes with a bag of meat, a bag of veg and a large pack of bog rolls is interesting. My mild bopping up and down the aisles due to the influence of The Presidents of the USA may have also had something to do with it.

However, the light is still not working.

So, clever people of the internets, what's wrong? Buggered light fitting? Error between light bulb and chair-I-was-standing-on-to-slot-in-the-light-bulb?
I've already got the flat manglement people sending around someone to fix my freezer, which will be followed up with another person to come and fix my curtain rail, and I want to ask them to install a shower, so I'd rather not call them to get someone to come around if it's me not understanding how lights work. Last time they sent someone he took look one look at my "broken" oven, twiddled the timer nob and then said "fixed". And it was. I looked foolish. I apologised. He thanked me for making him an easy callout fee.