March 29th, 2005


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You know you have a CSI problem when:
a) A pithy comment from David Caruso is enough to carry you through another day
b) Someone criticising Grissom feels like a slur against your family
c) You suddenly decide that The Who are the greatest band in the world, despite never having been particularly fussed over them before

And now I must not use the int0rw3b to access any sites where you can buy DVDs...that would be bad.

Update: The comment was neither pithy enough or memorable enough for me to survive. I may be forced to watch my one DVD of CSI that I own.
Which reminds me:

d) You bought an issue of CSI magazine, insisting that it was for the cheap DVD on the front (£2.99 for the first 2 episodes), when actually you wanted it for the articles.

(no subject)

At the weekend I took some piccies of a Mill for my mum...I wasn't sure what kind of mill it was, and it turned out to be one with looms and spinny things and a water wheel and beam engines and... ducks?

I culled many, and here. I'm told that the some members of the Somerset Embroider's Guild (not a cult) may be using them as reference material, which will be nice...if not slightly scary.

I also took a picture of some organ stops. I like organ stops.