March 1st, 2005


(no subject)

2 things:

1) It's my birthday next monday. Happy Birthday me. ANYWAY, I'm off being a sad Kevin Smith fanboy then, so with very short notice, does anyone fancy a few beers and maybe some food around the Ealing Broadway area on Saturday (March 5th)? Crash space is available, but is currently taken up by the not particularly small members of Dead Karma, band of truth and justice. Plan would be to the pub, probably The Wheatsheaf and then maybe get some food somewhere depending on whether anyone comes out. Comment if you're interested. (Yes I am sending an email as well... I'm looking at you rjw1)

2) The aforementioned band of truth and justice, Dead Karma, are playing a gig at Imperial College Union on Tuesday March 15th. We will be playing me-tal, and may even have more than 1 new song in our set, a sight that is not often seen. Come and see us, drink cheap beer, and worship at the temple that is rock. Also on the night are Breville DeMille (a random guy who has song called "Lorraine Kelly's Transexual Strap-On Orgy Massacre"), DonkeyBox and the Pyramids of SNAFU.

So. Yes.