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February 20th, 2005

09:33 am

Mission accomplished piccy.
Now I can go to other bars and restaurants, and maybe even drink a non-alcoholic beverage.
I think me and Shaun (my drinking buddy for the last 5 days) have now set the bar's record for drinking through their entire beer card. My only problem is that the t-shirt I got for finishing the card barely goes round my arm. Meh.

06:36 pm

Just saw Constantine (not bad) and ate some fantastic pulled pork and jambalaya at this place: http://www.yankeemagazine.com/travel/search/onelisting.php?number=18748 - now that I've discovered that the hotel will drive me to where there are things to do and eat, I may be forced to go back there...takeaway in plastic boxes that puts to shame most food I eat normally.

Unfortunately (</sarchasm>) the bar next door is closed tonight, so I may be forced to eat in the rather bleak restaurant downstairs. Oh dear, what a harsh life it is :)