February 19th, 2005


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If i attach to random wireless networks while sitting in a bar, does that count as war-drinking?
Today is my 5th day in the USA and me and my cow-orker Shaun are on the final column of the beer card that we need to drink through to get our free tshirts and our pictures on the wall. The fact that the final column includes Bass on tap and Tetley in can fills me with fear, but I've had to start on a Sam Adam's Light, so it can only get better from here.

Now to order up a plate of wings, pretty much the only food I've eaten since arriving in Heathrow on Tuesday...maybe I should vary my diet...

3 of my acquisition missions have now been completed:
1) I have a Yankees hat for my mum - she likes baseball caps it seems...
2) I have a Nintendo DS - all I need now is an adapter so that I can charge it in the UK
3) I have 6 cans of Rotel brand Chopped Tomatoes and Chilli - now that easterbunny is officially a brit, smuggling tinned tomatoes into the country has lost some of it's former feeling of danger. Now it just seems silly, although that will change if I get some tasty Rotel dip...

Right, Sierra Nevada Porter up next.