February 10th, 2005


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That makes it proper official I think.

Director's comments (as found all over the place):

Pete Greengrass describes "Watchmen" as "the greatest graphic novel ever written" with "important things to say about the world." And that "twenty years since, it's a prophetic novel whose time has come."
Currently in preparation at Pinewood Studios in London, no one has yet been cast in the movie, because as Greengrass says, "It's an ensemble film. You can't cast them part by part, you've got to cast them all as one." He expects to be able to say more in a couple of months time. First, they've got to construct the sets, which may take six months.
He does feel challenged by Doctor Manhattan. "He's a 100 foot high blue man. He's naked in the book, which presents a very big challenge. That's an awful lot of blue testicles. Get it wrong, and the critics will say 'what a load of blue...'" Cue collapse of studio team in laughter and agreement.
Greengrass concluded saying, "It's a lot of balls you've got to juggle."