January 27th, 2005


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So they finally got Jamie Oliver then. After AWT and that Martin bloke were caught in an ambush last week I thought we'd probably hit enough of their top brass to last us for a while, but obviously the higher ups don't agree.

The annexation of Essex was during my last stint before my discharge and it went scarily smoothly - the people looked pleased to see us, which was what the paper's were claiming would be the case, which is normally a sign to be ready for armed resistance. However, it seems that Oliver's parents holed up in their pub and were eventually taken down by special forces. Oliver surrendered in order to get them released...they'll be in a shelf stacking camp until the end of the year at least. Sometimes our guys keep their word, but I just keep my head down and get on.

I've got an alright life now that I'm out - as a veteran I'm guaranteed weekends off as well as a choice of religious holidays. But then again, the People's Republic of Morrison's has always looked after us, never mind what those Sainsbury's shoppers say.