January 20th, 2005


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Anyone out there a sad Kevin Smith fan like myself?
I even almost liked Jersey Girl.

anyway: http://viewaskew.com/news/uk/
he's doing a Q&A in london at the criterion in March, to be recorded for his next "Evening with Kevin Smith" dvd, probably with the subtitle "I Ate All the Pies, purchased with the cash that you have sweated out into the pockets of my very large trousers".

Anyway, it's on March 7th at 7pm and tickets cost a horrendous £30.
Seating is not assigned, and it's one ticket each, so I am buying now. If you want to come along, buy a ticket and then tell me so we can turn up at the sameish time (if you want to sit near me...which you may not).

March 7th is also my birthday, which is nice of him.

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I hope to see this when they finish it...


Computer animated lego Batman cartoon, with Adam West voicing Batman and (I would guess) Mark Hamill as the Joker.
And Dick van Dyke is in it. I like him. He rocks.

My fan boy organs are pulsing in a disturbing manner.