Billy Abbott (billyabbott) wrote,
Billy Abbott

Today, verily, did I yet shop. And much shopping was there. Hooray. I wandered around doing the christmas present thing, happily aided by a serendipitous meeting with shuripentu and gaspodog who gave me mysterious means to save some pennies at Borders. However, I arrived home, after discovering that my local M&S didn't have this marvellous piece of throwaway christmas tat in stock, and logged onto the M&S website. Being a man who considers M&S to only stock socks, pants and the occasional shirt, the range of items available on the site is quite a shock. I had been shocked enough early in the day by the sudden, and now I think on it obvious, realisation that socks aren't necessarily unisex, so this was not a welcome occurrence. However I soldiered on and discovered a "3 for 2" option which included the mysterious linked item above (if you are a member of my family don't look, it'll spoil the surprise. Well, it might for one of you, I'm not cheap enough to get you all to share one present. Although it is now tempting). I found a couple of wooden block puzzles (items which I have become much enamoured with recently at work) and at a bargain price of £7 for the pair I thought I'd add them - they'd make the total up to 3 items and one of them would be free, I thought. But no. M&S are much too clever for that:

So before I added two presents for me I was going to be charged £23. After I added them - £21.13. So as a christmas gift M&S are sending me my presents for free and saving me £1.87 on the present I am buying for a mysterious and unnamed person. Which is nice.

So Uncle Billy's handy hint for the day - buy things from M&S's 3 for 2 offer online, it is open to abuse in a way that I thought we'd got over in ye oldern dayes of internet shopping. It almost makes up for the fact that that their site caused my browser to die three times before it'd let me get this far.

Only two presents remaining, although one of them means I will have to visit a shop full of shiny things that will call to me. I will be strong.
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