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Billy Abbott
Ealing, London, United Kingdom
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Leechpool Lane Primary School - Horsham England - West Sussex UK
Pennthorpe School - Horsham England - West Sussex UK (1985 - 1990)
Cranbrook School - Cranbrook England - Kent UK (1990 - 1996)
Imperial College London - Kensington and Chelsea England - Greater London UK (1996 - 2000)
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alan moore, batman, beer, bill bailey, bill willingham, black books, blues, books, cheese, coffee, collecting stuff, comics, cooking, dc, ebay, eddie izzard, father ted, films, guitar, hats, london, monkey pirates, monkeys, more hats, movies, music, pentax, photography, pie, pirates, podcasting, richard herring, science fiction, the metal, warren ellis, whisky, william gibson, zombie monkey pirates, zombie ninja monkey pirates
The Reverend Christopher (Billy) Jan Abbott MEng(Hons) ACGI MBCS CITP CEng.

I like monkeys and pies. Not "pie" as an abstract concept, but concrete pies. But not concrete pies.

From the Great Livejournal Pie-Off #1:
Best Rookie: billyabbott
Best Pie, Sweet: billyabbott's Cherry and Raspberry
The Steve Irwin/Nikola Tesla Prize for Pie Innovation - billyabbott's Breakfast Pie

From the Great Livejournal Pie and Bake-off #2:
Best Pie (and hoster of the next pie-off): billyabbott's Chicken, Chorizo and Red Pepper Pie

From the Great Livejournal Pie-off 3 - Pie Hard with a Vengeance:
Best Pastry: billyabbott's Pork Pie
The Isembard Kingdom Brunel Award for Structural Integrity: billyabbott's Pork Pie

From the Great Livejournal Pie-off 4 - Carpe Crustorum:
Best Cake: billyabbott's Lemon Cake née Loaf

From The LJ Pie-off V: The Mmm Pie Strikes Back:
The Isambard Kingdom Brunel award for Pie Engineering: BillyAbbott's Modern Rabbit Pie
Most Heartwarmingly Honest to Goodness, Traditional Pie: BillyAbbott's Modern Rabbit Pie

Fomr The LJ Pie Off VI: More Than Meets The Pie
The Steve Irwin/Nikola Tesla Prize for Pie Innovation: BillyAbbott's Rod Hull Pie (Real)
The Optimus Prime Transformation Pie: BillyAbbott's Rod Hull Pie (Real)

I take photos. Lots of photos. You can see them on my flickr photo stream ->

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I am currently crossposting to this blog from, because I wanted to tinker with a "real" blog, but it's probably easiest to ignore it. Everyone else does.

For the pure google juice of it, here's a link to my brother's music page - Tim Abbott. He's annoyingly good.